A well-equipped, high-quality villa with lounge areas and accommodation facilities for up to 8 people



Voionranta offers high-level meeting and sauna facilities in Ylöjärvi, only 20 minutes from Tampere.

Lake Näsijärvi and the unique surrounding nature, together with Voionranta’s renovated sauna and meeting rooms, create a relaxing and inspiring environment for your stay.

  • Celebrations

  • Meetings

  • Training days

  • VIP receptions

  • Company events

  • Recreation and relaxing

High-class equipment and impressive details guarantee comfort.

  • Area 125 m²

  • Front patio 42 m²

  • Meeting rooms for 10–15 hengelle

  • Dining for 8 people

  • Sleeping facilities for 6 + 2 people



In Voionmaa, you live in the middle of nature and all activities are close by: jogging paths and SUP routes start almost from your door.

In summer

  • SUP

  • Swimming

  • Rowing boat

  • Fishing

  • Hiking

In winter

  • Ice fishing

  • Skiing

  • Tour skating

  • Snowshoeing

The services of equipment rental and event organizers are also available.



Voionranta offers first-class meeting and representation facilities in a unique environment in Ylöjärvi near Tampere. The VIP meeting room has a 10-person conference table, sofa group and a large screen placed on the wall.

In addition, two bedrooms can be combined into one space, for example a small meeting room.

A large covered terrace and a VIP sauna with an outdoor jacuzzi are also available for business and party events.

All facilities and both saunas have an unobstructed view of Lake Näsijärvi, in which you can take a dip in all year round.

  • Meetin rooms for 10–15 people

  • WiFi

  • Large flat-screen TV



On behalf of Voionranta, it is possible to get breakfast and meeting catering (coffee, savoury snacks, etc.).

We take care of other meals in cooperation with Hiltuntiltut catering service.

About 700 meters away is the camping area, Peltomäki Resort, which also has a restaurant.

Only 20 minutes from Tampere



In Voionranta VIP sauna in Ylöjärvi, you can enjoy a gentle heat while looking out of the window at Lake Näsijärvi. From the sauna, it’s nice to go to the terrace to cool off or take a dip in the lake.

The historic Retro Sauna on the beach was built in the 1940s, and during the years it has been enjoyed by e.g. numerous heads of state.



The outdoor jacuzzi always offers enjoyable +37° C water even in slightly cooler weather. Jacuzzi for an additional price.



90 seconds presentation of Voionranta



Voionranta is located in Ylöjärvi, next to lake Näsijärvi.

Address: Opistontie 41, Ylöjärvi

From Tampere 24 km
From Pori 120 km
From Jyväskylä 171 km
From Turku 179 km
From Helsinki 212 km



Please let us know your wishes regarding schedules, number of people and, for example, your needs for meeting, dining and activities.

We have everything you can think of to make your meeting or Team Building day a success. We tailor a memorable day or event exactly according to your wishes.

  • Meeting

  • Team Building or event for business guests

  • Company recreation days

  • Recreation with friends and family



What to take into consideration and remember?

  • Bring along appropriate outdoor clothing

  • Bring along a bathing suit

  • Bring along your own alcoholic drinks


Reservations & inquiries

Inquire about our reservation status using the attached form or call the number below.

Please read the rental terms:

Unforgettable moments at Voionmaa!